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Curbs and Ramps

Curbs and Ramps

Product information

Available in several options for shower entry designs where transitions are required, wedi curbs and ramps can be installed with wedi Fundo shower bases, as well as conventional mortar bed systems. Waterproof and versatile, wedi Curbs and Ramps may be tiled before any glass doors, panels or glass block is installed and can carry weight of up to 480 lbs./ft. Epoxy glue is recommended instead of screw fasteners when installing shower door tracks.

wedi Full Foam Curbs combine it all in one element when compared to traditional methods of 2’ x 4’ wood assembly, lath, mud and waterproofing. They come presloped so water runs back into the shower.

wedi Curb Overs are designed to water-proof over existing 2’ x 4’ wood constructions. A conventional PVC pan liner is sandwiched inside between the 2’ x 4’ and the wedi Curb Over. The wedi Curb Over will provide additional water-proofing and square corners for a perfect tile job. No fasteners should penetrate the curb except on the vertical outside of the shower. Attach with thinset mortar only. Please install curb over in accordance with the TCNA Handbook detail.

The wedi Shower Ramp is used to create curbless showers without recessing the shower base into the subfloor. The ramp provides a 1”slope over a 12” length and meets ADA requirements. The ramp should not be tiled with tiles smaller than 4” x 4” when wheelchairs are used in this shower.

Technical properties curbs and ramps

Curbs and ramps Base Material XPS/ Extruded Polystyrene Foam Core covered with fiberglass mesh fully embedded in a cement based resin coating
Surface Burning Characteristics; ASTM E84-04 Passed
Tensile Strength ( Thinset Mortar to wedi Coating to Foam); ASTM C297 65 PSI
Shear Strength (Thinset Mortar to wedi Coating to Foam); within ANSI 118.10-1999; wet conditions 54 PSI
Waterproofness; ASTM D4068 and within ANSI 118.10-1999 Passes
Waterproofness of Assembled System; IAPMO PS 106-2015 Passes
Capillarity 0
Temperature Exposure Limits -58°F to + 175°F
R- Value; ASTM C518 4.3hr ft. 2 F/Btu/in ( R – value for 1 inch of wedi foam = 4.3
Robinson Floor Test; ASTM C627 Heavy Duty Commercial Use, Passes
Fungus & Bacteria Resistance No Growth , Passes

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
US3000008 wedi Curb Over (square edges) 5" x 5' x 4 1/2"
US3000010 wedi Curb Over (square edges) 5" x 8' x 4 1/2"
US3000011 wedi Curb Full Foam (square edges) 5" x 3' x 4 1/2"
074319002 wedi Curb Full Foam (square edges) 5" x 5' x 4 1/2"
074319001 wedi Curb Full Foam (square edges) 5" x 8' x 4 1/2"
074319007 wedi Curb Full Foam "LEAN" (square edges) 2" x 5' x 3 1/2"
074319008 wedi Curb Full Foam "LEAN" (square edges) 2" x 8' x 3 1/2"
073736517 wedi Shower Ramp (ADA compliant) 12" x 5' sloped 1 1/2" to 1/"

Areas of use curbs and ramps

  • New Construction of Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • Renovation in Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • For barrier free or curbed installations
  • For customized or standard tiled showers
  • Over wooden or concrete substructures

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