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Fundo Ligno

Fundo Ligno

„The Specialist for Suspended Timber Floors.“

Product information

Homeowners and builders increasingly favor shower spaces which can function without a curb or would not require any build up over existing floor areas resulting in a step up into the shower. One important reason for this trend is: easier and safer access to the shower for older and/ or physically disabled persons. While this trend offers great design and business opportunities it also presents technical challenges which cannot be overcome by many conventional shower installation methods or products. Main challenges are safe recessing of a sloped shower base into an existing structural floor for a flush transition and the extension of waterproofing from shower area into surrounding floor areas no longer protected by a curb keeping water inside the shower area. To address all challenges for tile professionals, wedi engineered Fundo Ligno, a sloped shower base ¾ inches thin at its perimeter and available in various sizes. Ligno can be field modified. The installation within a ¾” plywood structure requires no cutting into joists. Load-bearing plywood is simply re-installed between floor joists and over 2 × 6 blocking then attached to the joists. This guarantees a full support and protection of the tiled surface. The wedi typical strong cement based, reinforced surface is pre-sloped, directly tileable with large or small format tile. Ligno interlocks with wedi Building Panel used as waterproof backer board on walls aswell as on the surrounding floor. Optionally, wedi‘s Subliner Dry Sheet Waterproofing membrane can be used. Both options offer a complete and professional system installation.

  • Pre-sloped and internally waterproof Point drain shower base system for Floor-Even and Barrier-Free Entry Showers
  • Eliminates cutting into Floor Joists when recessed. Sloped Shower Floor Base with only ¾” Profile/Thickness
  • Ready for tiling upon installation
  • 100% waterproof due to its extruded polystyrene (closed cell) foam core
  • Easy and clean to cut to size using a utility knife, circular saw or handsaw
  • Drain covers are height adjustable for a perfect finish with the tile selected

All advantages at a single glance

Technical properties Fundo Ligno

Fundo Ligno Shower Base Material XPS/ Extruded Polystyrene Foam Core covered with fiberglass mesh fully embedded in a cement based resin coating
Surface Burning Characteristics; ASTM E84-04 Passed
Tensile Strength (Thinset Mortar to wedi Coating to Foam); ASTM C297 65 PSI
Shear Strength (Thinset Mortar to wedi Coating to Foam); within ANSI 118.10-1999; wet conditions 54 PSI
Waterproofness; ASTM D4068 and within ANSI 118.10-1999 Passes
Waterproofness of Assembled System; IAPMO PS 106-2015 Passes
Capillarity 0
Temperature Exposure Limits -58°F to + 175°F
R- Value; ASTM C518 4.3hr ft. 2 F/Btu/in ( R – value for 1 inch of wedi foam = 4.3
Robinson Floor Test; ASTM C627 Heavy Duty Commercial Use, Passes
Fungus & Bacteria Resistance No Growth, Passes
Building & Plumbing Code Compliance
2015,2012,and 2009 International Plumbing Code (IPC) Compliant
2015,2012, and 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) Compliant
2015,2012, and 2009 International Building Code (IBC) Compliant
2010 and 2005 National Plumbing Code of Canada Compliant
2012 and 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) Compliant
2012 and 2009 National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC) Compliant
ANSI 118.10-2008 Load – Bearing Bonded, Waterproof Membranes for Thinset Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone Installations Compliant
ASME A112.6.3-2001 (R07) Floor and Trench Drains Compliant
IAPMO PS 46-2012 Field Fabricated Tiling Kits Compliant
IAPMO PS 106-2015 Tileable Shower Receptors and Shower Kits Compliant
New York City Approval OTCR Approved
City of L.A. Approval Approved; Report No M-100017 in reference to ICC ES PMG 1189
Illinois State Approval IDPH Approved
Michigan State Approval Approved ; Report 1625-PA
Wisconsin State Approval Approved, File 20130265
Massachusetts State Approval Approved; P3-0315-306 &P3-0315-306
Worldwide Approvals Quality Management & Control ISO 9001-2008
North- America Approvals Code Compliances & Quality Management ICC ES PMG 1189

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
073732015 wedi Fundo Ligno, square shower base, Center drain 48" x 48" x 3/4"
073732018 wedi Fundo Ligno, square shower base, Center drain 60" x 60" x 3/4"
073732014 wedi Fundo Ligno, rectangular shower base, Center drain 36" x 48" x 3/4"
073732016 wedi Fundo Ligno, rectangular shower base, Center drain 36" x 60" x 3/4"
073732017 wedi Fundo Ligno, rectangular shower base, Center drain 48" x 60" x 3/4"

Areas of use Fundo Ligno

  • New Construction of Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • Renovation in Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • For barrier free, ADA compliant or curbed installations
  • For customized or standard tiled showers
  • Over wooden or concrete substructures

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