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Does the writing on the wedi Building Panel need to face out during an installation?

No, it is not required but recommended for easier identification in cases of building inspections.

If I have 24 in. studs on the walls, how can I use ½ in. wedi building panel? And is there a way to use thicker board?

wedi 2 in. thick building panels can span framing spaced at up to 24 in. Thinner wedi panels should only be installed on such framing, if cross framing is installed (spaced every 16 in. centered).

Can I just glue my building panel to the studs and not use fasteners?

This is not recommended over vertical framed substrates, or on ceiling framework. wedi joint sealant has been tested to successfully (and over time) adhere wedi building panel to wooden and metal framing on walls and ceilings, and it can carry the load required. However, the wedi joint sealant depends on pressure being applied equally in all areas where it is used, and for up to 30 minutes- in ideal climate conditions. This is hard to achieve on a project site, so we do not recommend it.

Can I use building panel to extend a shower base?

No, this is not recommended. wedi only warrants the use of wedi pre-sloped bases or extension panels for use in a shower base.

If I have a flat area before the shower can I use building panel and tie it into the base?

Yes, this should be done by notching the building panel edge where it connects with the base’s channel. The connection shall be adhered and sealed with wedi joint sealant.

Can I use 1/8 in. wedi panel in the back of a niche to make it 3/8 in. deeper?

Yes, where a framed out niche is installed on site, this can be done safely. The 1/8 in. back panel should be installed first, and cover the entire backing for the niche.

Can I make a curb out of wedi 2 in. building panel?

It is not recommended, unless a proper slope is safely constructed into such curb, as well as the tree tileable sides of such curb are covered with a cement bonding surface (e.g. by using several building panels and their coated surfaces). All curb construction should be safely designed to carry its designated load. When in doubt, please contact wedi.

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