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My wedi niche is not the size I need, can I modify the height and width?

Cutting flanges off wedi niches and combining them to create a larger niche would be the easiest and most reliable option if you wanted to enlarge a niche vertically. The two niches have to be sealed together and reinforced using wedi joint sealant. Additionally, if you want to extend horizontally if there is a stud in the wall where the niche is being installed, combining two wedi niches where the flange goes over the stud creating a vertical separation can also be implemented as well.
Reducing niche openings can also be done by inserting/ gluing a bottom and top strip of two wedi ½“ pieces ( laminated to a 1“ piece).
These spacers are set back ½“ from the front face of the niche. Another ½“ wedi panel piece needs to be attached as front cover over the spacers.

Can the 2” shelf in the niches be modified?

¾“ wedi building panel is the best panel to use in this application. The base and the building panel will both utilize modified thinset, and will create an and even plane from the outside of the shower to the beginning of the shower base. Be sure to notch the ¾“ wedi building panel to fit tightly against the existing notch in the wedi Ligno shower base.

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