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Frequently asked questions on wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Shower

How do I know which Riolito Neo base to use?

wedi offers 4 versions of the Riolito Neo shower bases plus Riolito Neo Modular models, that can be used in 12 different base configurations without adding an extension panel. Each base can accommodate several different sizes in one base alone. You can simply cut the base to fit the shower size you need. Provided you consider the center of the wedi drain unit to fit in the overall measurement of the shower floor area. Do not cut these bases too close to the integrated drain. Any cutting of the Riolito Neo base may proceed if the cutting line is at minimum 1 inch away from the drain channel installation panel and towards the main shower base area. Once cut to fit, the base perimeter’s notch channel (Z notch) must be recreated and be 1/2” wide x at least 1/2” deep (depends on depth of adjacent channels and model) in dimension.

What is the best way to connect my Riolito Neo drain?

When installing the Fundo Riolito trap below the base you must first locate your drain pipe. If working on concrete you will want to trace the area of the drain trap, and begin chiseling and cutting away the concrete approximately 1“ below the concrete surface. If you are working with a wood substrate, simply trace the trap template positioned (squarely) at the drain position provided and cut your plywood to allow the trap to slide into the wood substrate. Your plumbing pipe should be cut 1 1/4“ below the top of the subfloor. Once the plumbing has been dry -fitted, the drain pipe is ready to be solvent cement glued to the trap using appropriate cements. Finish installing the trap but do not use wedi joint sealant around the perimeter, and use no screws if installing over plywood, to fix the trap. Take care of securing the trap units solid support so it cannot move under water load or otherwise. Fill the drain and trough with water to ensure proper connection, do this immediately after setting the base in thinset to allow for quick adjustments if needed. NEVER walk or stomp the drain area into thinset bed. Instead, gently push in place. Ensure the drain section is fully supported by floor and thinset mortar bed. Any voids will add tension to the drain which might lead to cracks.

How do I check to make sure my base is lined up right with the trap?

You can easily check this by dry fitting the base before installing the base using thinset. Lay the base in the desired location, and gently push and tap on the base with side of your hand. Once you feel and see the pan locking into the trap, stop and pull the base out. DO NOT STEP ON THE BASE TO DRY FIT!!! IT WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE (and likely end up broken). Also make sure to fully insert the male rubber gasket into the base underside before fastening it against the base for a tight snug fit all around. Make sure to use only the wedi screws provided. These are special made in Germany and cannot be replaced by any other screw in the North-American market.

What‘s the best way to install the drain cover?

After using the grey spacers that come included with the Riolito base, as a template to stop your tile install, simply dry fit the drain cover with the height adjustment spacers . Measure from the top of the drain to top of the tile (+ compressed thinset layer) + 1 mm. Next you will remove the height spacers from the drain cover, and screw them onto the spacers provided in the drain when you purchased the base. Next mark the height adjustment spacers to the measurement taken, and cut off the top side of the space once you‘ve removed the brass collar. Once cut, simply reinstall the brass collar, and slide the adjustment spacers back into place.

What is the difference between the standard Riolito Neo and the new Neo Modular?

The standard Riolito Neo bases incorporate the drain troughs in the base. The bases can be modified but you are limited to a matter of inches from the existing drain location. The new Neo Module can be installed almost anywhere in a shower, as it is a modular drain assembly. Once the Neo Module has been installed you can simply build the remaining base area using wedi Neo Base Extensions (following installation guidelines for extension panels) or dry pack mud, with the use of wedi subliner dry over the cured dry pack mud. (Follow wedi Subliner Dry installation instructions). Riolito Neo modular drain part also allows for a much easier and controlled fit to the drain trap. This is because you are closer to the connection and can see issues coming up. The part is also much smaller and lighter compared to handling a large one piece base by yourself and while trying to exactly meet up with the trap opening.

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